The Kent Handmade Mustache/Beard Comb is a fine toothed comb perfect for grooming and maintaining your mustache and/or beard. 

Kent Handmade Mustache and Beard Comb Features:

  • Perfect pocket comb - 2.8 inches (73mm)
  • Handmade from large sheets of Cellulose Acetate (plant derived) rather than being molded. This material is tactile, flexible and strong 
  • Hand-sawn and polished teeth that are rounded which ensures smooth and comfortable action that glides effortlessly through the hair
  • No snagging, scratching, or damaging the hair or face
  • Reduces static 

Kent Brushes is a name you can trust. They have been making the finest handmade combs and brushes since 1777. All Kent combs and brushes are made in England and have 1 year manufacturer warranty.

A finely groomed mustache and beard needs more than just a great wax or beard oil, it is essential to also have the right tool. Kent Brushes has the finest tools. Enjoy!     


Kent Brushes’ logo, text, graphics, and photo images are the property of G. B. Kent and Sons PLC and are used with permission.  Copyright © 2017. 

Kent Handmade Mustache Comb - 81TG - Graphite

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