Welcome to FG&M Soapery!

Our bath, beard care, and body care products were born out of our passion to care for our bodies, and our planet. We hope you have this passion too.


Because commercial products use harsh, artificial, chemical-laden ingredients that strip your skin and hair of protective nourishing oils and are packaged in throw away plastic containers and wraps.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ and these harsh, artificial chemicals can be absorbed into the body where it can pose a threat to your health.

Plastic waste is a world-wide problem and is a huge threat to our ocean’s creatures and the planet.

At FG&M Soapery, we want no part of that.

What we Believe

We believe that the God given wisdom found in natural botanicals hold the true properties and constituents that our body needs to be clean, nourished, protected, and revitalized. And just as real food from the earth will nourish and sustain us on the inside, it is just as important what we put on the outside for nourished, healthy, vibrant skin and hair. 

We also believe it is our duty to protect and preserve our planet. That is why we are committed to use packaging that is recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable. We are 99% plastic free. To learn more about our commitment to reduce plastic waste, click here.

Our Products

All of our bath, beard, and body care products are handcrafted in small batches in our home-based studio in Southern California. We formulate our products using:

  • Natural botanical ingredients, which are cold-pressed, steam-distilled, wild-crafted, or certified organic. For some botanicals that are fragile due to unwise farming practices, we only purchase those that are certified fair-trade and sustainable. We do use one non-botanical ingredient, beeswax, which is in our awesome mustache wax.
  • Essential oils are used to mildly scent our products, most of which are certified organic. We will never use a fragrance oil, which is a laboratory created synthetic compound.
  • Colorants used in our soaps come from the earth, such as clays, plant powders, plant-based infusions that we make ourselves, or plant extractions. We will never use micas, dyes, or any laboratory created colorant.

The shelf life of our products is about one year. 

Giving Back to the Community

Another core principle of our business is giving back to our community. We donate products to our local fire and rescue first responders. They give so much to our community, it is only right that we give back to them. 


This is our motto. We believe our products reflect this motto. And it is our goal that you will love our products as much as we do.

Thank you and Welcome to FG&M Soapery!


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